The Shire of Midhaven

Skagit County and the Islands of San Juan County

...a shire within the kingdom of AnTir

The Martial Arts

Martial Arts welcomes newcomers to practice.

All you have to do is tell somebody you are interested in trying martial arts. You will be introduced to the variety of martial arts the Shire of Midhaven has to offer. You may want to see what it is like to shoot an arrow from a bow or throw a weapon at a target (safely). Rodri Glynglas, our Target Officer, has regular archery practice. Email Rodri for more information. Or come to our monthly social meeting.

The Shire of Midhaven also practices with heavy weapons. The honorable Sir Thorkel is prepared to set you up with loaner gear and show you the stance and arm movements crucial to sparing with your practice opponent. The skill and maneuvering you acquire could save you from a blow. This is all practiced with safety in mind, hence the loaner gear. Rapier use is also a favored martial arts of Midhaven. Please, contact Sir Thorkel with your questions. (see info below)

You will find Martial Arts practice alive with people of all ages with varied interests, enjoying each other, being outdoors, and learning valuable skills. You are welcome to join us.

Martial Practice
First Sunday of each month.
12:00pm to 4:00pm
Practice includes archery, thrown weapons, and upon request heavy fighting. Please email Etole for the address.

Etole-Highland Games 2011

Martial Arts

Master of Stables Officer

Sir Thorkel fitz Hrothga, KSCA
email / Order of Precedence

Target Marshal

Etole Marchant
Etole Marchant
email / Order of Precedence

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The Shire of Midhaven is mundanely located in Skagit County, Washington State, USA, in SCA terms, we are a shire within the kingdom of AnTir.

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