The Shire of Midhaven

Skagit County and the Islands of San Juan County

...a shire within the kingdom of AnTir

Midhaven Horse Practice

Practice Autocrat

Lady Taraðan banMarca
MKA Marcia Royal
email / Order of Precedence
Phone: (360) 724-3591

Equestrian Officer
Taradan Banmarca
MKA Marcia Royal

Lang's Horse and Pony Farm
Mount Vernon, Wa.

Horse Rental Fee: $45
($65 for draft hourses)

Haul-In Fee: $10 per rider


Pre-Registration required for horse rental AND haul-in horse owners.
Please pre-register

by the Wednesday
prior to each practice.

The Shire of Midhaven is an officially sanctioned branch of The Society for Creative Anachronisms, or SCA.
The SCA is a non-profit educational medieval re-creation group, with worldwide membership.
The Shire of Midhaven is mundanely located in Skagit County, Washington State, USA, in SCA terms, we are a shire within the kingdom of AnTir.

This website is a publication of the Shire of Midhaven. It is not a corporate publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Incorporated,
and therefore does not delineate SCA policies. Contact the Midhaven Webmaster with questions pertaining to this site.

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