Survey Questionnaire

This questionnaire relates to the An Tir Kingdom Heraldic & Scribal Symposium held in Mt. Vernon, Washington on Saturday, 11 October through Sunday, 12 October 2014.  I greatly appreciate your willingness to submit your responses, as it will help me to plan the event.  If you wish to discuss the event with me, please feel free to contact me at your convenience at or on Facebook at
Sincerely grateful for your input, I am
Lord Michael FitzGeoffrey, GdS
Argent Scroll Herald

Consultation Table

1.  Should there be a heraldic consultation table at Symposium? (The degree of support may determine the hours of operation.)
yes no no opinion

2.  If we have one, would you be willing to work at it for a shift of at least one hour’s duration?
yes no undecided

3.  If you are willing to work at the consultation table, please rate your general ability in the following areas:

  1. personal names (researching, conflict checking, distilling research down to useful documentation):
    Expert Intermediate Basic Total novice (but eager to learn) N/A
  2. non-personal names (household, branch, etc.):
    Expert Intermediate Basic Total novice (but eager to learn) N/A
  3. armory style:
    Expert Intermediate Basic Total novice (but eager to learn) N/A
  4. armory conflict-checking:
    Expert Intermediate Basic Total novice (but eager to learn) N/A
  5. artwork (for drawing emblazons):
    Amazing Capable Rudimentary N/A

Class Schedule

4.  The time slots for classes will all be on the Saturday of the event, running in two-hour blocks.  My current idea is to run classes from 9:00am–10:50am, 11:00am–12:50pm, and 2:00pm–3:50pm, with lunch from 1:00pm–2:00pm, and a nearby restaurant banquet-room reserved after the last class period ends.  The question is this: 
Do you want to add a class period from 4:00pm–5:50pm?  (Maybe we could have a showing of Henry V on DVD in one of the classrooms during this time.)
The Sunday schedule will begin at 9:00am and will end by 12:00 noon.  Current (tentative) options for Sunday are to hold a Black Lion meeting, a commentary meeting (perhaps a Lions Blood meeting), perhaps a scribes meeting (under the direction of Sable Sable or a designated deputy), and possibly a Laurel/Pelican/Wreath road show (depending on whether any of the Sovereigns are in attendance).
yes no no preference

Dinner Options

5.  At which restaurant would you prefer to have the banquet room reserved for the group to dine at after Saturday classes?
Denny’s (greater variety of food; generally less expensive, private room, wi-fi unreliable)
Round Table Pizza (basically pizza & salad, generally more expensive, room open to restaurant, wi-fi reliable)
no preference

Class Content

6.  What specific classes, if any, would you like to take as a student?

7.  What specific (one/two-hour) classes, if any, might you be willing to teach (or one/two-hour discussions you would like to lead)?  Please indicate whether the class is primarily geared toward heralds or scribes and its level (advanced, intermediate, basic). If your class is selected to be offered, I will contact you for more details.

About You

8.  Please provide:

  1. your SCA name, and
  2. your email address(required)

9.  How likely are you to attend the event?
Definitely Likely Unknown Not Likely Definitely Not

10.  If you come, how far will you have to travel?
From Skagit, Whatcom, Snohomish, Island, or King Counties, Washington
From further away in Washington or British Columbia
From elsewhere in An Tir (Oregon, Idaho, Avacal)
From outside of An Tir

11.  Would you stay overnight in a local hotel with a discounted group rate?
Definitely Likely Unknown Not Likely Definitely Not

12.  Would you like the event staff to check with the University of Ithra on the possibility of granting credit for Symposium classes?
Absolutely. Let’s not. It doesn’t matter to me.

Last update:  16 June 2014